Uyuni was born in december 1996 from the encounter of Fabrice Cossais – born in 1969 – and Luc Lavie – born in 1970.

Luc starts playing the piano circa 1978… to give up quite soon. Then, already fascinated by strange sounds and their use in musical works – particularly the ones by Pink Floyd or Jean-Michel Jarre -, he comes to synthesizers in 1984 and is offered his first device – the famous DX7 – a few months later. He then carries on his studies – in the field, what a random choice, :o) of electronics and computers – and his professional life without ever surrendering his projects of music production.

Fabrice starts learning the classical piano in 1984, and the guitar short later. Fan of Jean-Michel Jarre, he soon begins to use arranger keyboards, and, at the beginning of 1990, purchases his first genuine synthesizer. At about the same time, he founds a band called Apocalyps, with which he will play Jarre’s works for over 4 years in the Bordeaux area.