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Uyuni was born in december 1996 from the encounter of Fabrice Cossais - born in 1969 - and Luc Lavie - born in 1970.

Luc starts playing the piano circa 1978... to give up quite soon. Then, already fascinated by strange sounds and their use in musical works - particularly the ones by Pink Floyd or Jean-Michel Jarre -, he comes to synthesizers in 1984 and is offered his first device - the famous DX7 - a few months later. He then carries on his studies - in the field, what a random choice, :o) of electronics and computers - and his professional life without ever surrendering his projects of music production.n

Fabrice starts learning the classical piano in 1984, and the guitar short later. Fan of Jean-Michel Jarre, he soon begins to use arranger keyboards, and, at the beginning of 1990, purchases his first genuine synthesizer. At about the same time, he founds a band called Apocalyps, with which he will play Jarre's works for over 4 years in the Bordeaux area.


The encounter of Fabrice and Luc - at the end of 1996 - leads to the creation of this group, first called Nova. Their common passion for music and particularly electronic music, leads both to compose their own music, rich in their different personalities and experiences.
This project first results in the preparation of two performances near Bordeaux: Odyssey, synthesizers and lights on April 11th 1998 in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, and a concert on the stage of the fête de la musique in the town of Léognan, on June 21st, 1998.


The duet then decides to focus on composition and the preparation of an album. Parallel to the development of the new pieces, grows their mastery of the musical production techniques, as well as the knowledge of the new devices adding into their studios.
A sign of this evolution: from now on the band will be called Uyuni - with reference to the Salaar de Uyuni, a fantastic place within the confines of the Bolivian Altiplano, that Luc visited in April 2000.
Another notable change: at the beginning of 2001, Uyuni extends its possibilities to be brought to light and to communicate with the creation of its website!


Early 2005, the group decides to create his own label: Uyuni Prod. Then they actively work on the project of publishing their first album, Exploration, released in march 2006.
No doubt Uyuni will carry on its works with its new synthies towards other musical "explorations", for its own happiness, and, hopefully, for the public's.
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